Social Media Management for beauty brand


Social Media Management for beauty brand

Project Overview

ALINA VELICA is a beauty salon based in Zurich, that aims to cultivate the relationship with their clients by further engaging with them and providing them value online (via social media, their website, newsletter communication and more).

To level up ALINA VELICA’s digital presence by setting up a digital marketing strategy. To free up time to the shop owner by outsourcing all digital marketing execution tasks and advice on additional digital marketing strategies.


Having a digital presence and digital marketing strategy is like having a clear and well presented storefront window, without it, a business would be completely by-passed by anyone walking by their store, who could be potential customers. 

Have a solid digital marketing strategy in place, and ensuring its execution is a basic need for anyone looking to expand their business or to be present at all online.

Client Goals

To enhance and improve their digital presence by finding a reliable partner to execute their digital marketing strategy.


Beauty Salons often miss out on potential revenue opportunities by the lack of fostering and providing their clients with value outside the Beauty Salon (aka online). 

By providing additional value by educating the client on the different services, its benefits, the products etc. and running promotions, clients are more likely to reach back out to book services.

Problems they want to solve

  1. To come up with a strategic content calendar and execute on it
  2. To create all digital marketing content (visuals, eMagazines, newsletters, social media content)
  3. To revise and optimize the digital marketing strategy based on business needs 

Project Execution

Full Social Media Management of Instagram account. From content planning to creation and scheduling. Content includes photos, graphics, videos, and captions.

Scope of work

  • Social media content calendar
  • Social media content creation based on social media calendar
  • Bi-annual reaction of Digital + Print eMagazine (design, content creation, copywriting, editor)
  • Paid Ad campaigns
  • Website redesign
  • Website optimization

Project results

  • From 300 to 1’008 followers in 6 months.
  • 19.6% increase in Facebook page reach within the last year
  • 78% increase in Facebook page visits within the last year
  • 24.6% increase in Instagram profile visits within the last year

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